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About the artist

I was born in Roswell, New Mexico in 1956. We lived in a Cinder Block house that my grandfather built. It was one of two homes on the 10 acres lot. Growing up I attended eight different elementary schools because my mother worked three jobs in order to provide for her three children. Later in my teen years, we became part of a military family where we moved around every four years from New Mexico to California to Louisiana where I attended both high school and went to college. I received a bachelor of fine arts degree from Louisiana Tech University in 1978 and pursued a career in graphic design. In 1992, I traveled to Helsinki, Finland where I obtained an MBA from the Helsinki School of Economics. It was not until 1998 that I developed an interest in oil painting after having taken it up as a creative antidote to the structured advertising world where I was working as a designer and illustrator. I was motivated to continue on this path of expression when he enrolled in painting classes at the Denver Art Students League. Since those early painting years I have pushed myself to discover favorite themes, technique and patience.

I find inspiration throughout my travels and feel that there are

so many (visual) stories to be told. 


American Impressionaist Show, Park City Utah

Invitational, Bennington Center for the Arts,  Vermont

OPA Western Regional Show,  St Goerge, Utah


Crossover Show, Curated by Doug Kacena

Oil Painters Of America Western Regional Show

Three PersonShow Evergreen Fine Art Evergreen, Colorado

Curated 8 person show Abend Gallery Denver, Colorado


One Man Show Evergreen Fine Art Evergreen Colorado

Masters Painter Pop up Show Governors Mansion

Oil Painters Of America, St. Augustine Fl

American Impressionist Show, Scottsdale AZ


American Masters Show Invitational, Sarasota FL

Three Person Show Abend Gallery. Denver CO

Windows Of the Divine Invitational Show

American Impressionist Society, Denver, CO


American Impressionist Society, Charleston SC


Oil Painters Of America, Fredericksburg, TX

Oil Painters Of America, Evergreen Colorado

Windows Of the Divine Invitational Show

Scottsdale Salon Legacy Gallery, Scottsdale AZ


Oil Painters Of a America, Coeur d’Alene, ID


American Impressionist Society, Nashville Tn.

Oil Painters Of  America, Scottsdale, Az

Oil Painters Of  America, Jackson Hole, Wy

Oil Painters Of  America, Scottsdale, Az

Greenhouse Salon, San Antonio, Texas

Invitational Show Saks Gallery, Denver Colorado





Governor's Show Invitational, Loveland, CO

Two Person Show— Abend Gallery, Denver, CO


Invitational Show Wendt Gallery, Laguna Beach CA


1st Place Raymar National Fine Art Show “Griddle Cook”

Richeson75 Juried still life show. Kimberly, WI

Governor's Show Invitational, Loveland, CO


Governor's Show Invitational, Loveland, CO

Oil Painters of America National show, Missoula, Montana

Four Man Show, Abend Gallery Denver, Co

Invitational Art Show, Loveland Colorado


Central Regional OPA Show

Snowfire Gallery, Estes Park Colorado

One Man show Blaire Carnihan Gallery, Santa Fe NM

Governor's Invitational Art Show, Loveland Colorado


Salon International, San Antonio, Texas

Salon Invitational, Anne Irwin Gallery, Atlanta GA.


Colorado Art Open, Foothills Art Center

Salon International, San Antonio, TX- “Chefs’ Cuisine”


Colorado Art Open, Foothills Art Center – Juried

Colorado Boys Ranch Art Show – Featured Artis



RSHanna Gallery — 208 S Llano Street Fredericksburg,Tx




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My approach to painting…

While direct painting is simpler solution to recreating a visual subject, indirect painting has no such simple solution. It follows a relatively unknown path, which involves a balance of visual and compositional approaches to arrive at its outcome.

In other words direct painting starts with the subject and through various techniques arrives general with a representational facsimile of that subject. Indirect work may start with a visual problem and the solutions are found only after trial after trail of technique, application, destruction, recreation and any other forms of execution to arrive at what may be a non-representational solution. One that only the artist him/herself may understand.

This second method combined (indirect) is more often the approach that I am focused on in in visual journey. Often I take from both, the drawing of a representational subject (direct) combine with the complicated layering of indirect methods. Together, they are visual breadcrumbs that propel me daily. Not knowing where the path leads is always more exciting and motivating than traveling a crowded, well warn road.

Original Fine Art