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Art for Collectors with Discriminating Taste.

Thinking about acquiring ART! Great!

Thank you readers of Mountain Living Magazine. If you have landed here you have come via an MLM ad or other direct link.  You may be thinking about acquiring art and how to go about it.

My studio is located in Denver Colorado it's open to anyone who wishes to stop by.  Wether you are looking to acquire yourself or you are working with a designer or an architect, I can help you to "Put Beautiful Art in Your World."



Purple River     40x49 in          oil on panel box                        

One Enchanted Evening     26x40 in          oil on panel box                        

Blue Jazz     60x60 in          oil on panel box               

Over the years Ive displayed my works in numerous galleries, national art shows, and special invitational only events. Now, certain stars have aligned which allows me to work directly to place my work in your home or office. Designers and others representatives are welcome to assit you if that is a path you feel more comfortable pursuing. Or you may reach out o me directly, visit my studio or we can work online to meet your visual needs. The benefit is that you, the Collector will get direct pricing without the multi-layered markups that are necessary when dealing with a gallery.